Feeling really disorganized sucks.

And let’s face it… when you’re a mom and business owner, sometimes it feels like you’re a project manager managing two different staffs and having to do a lot of the work.

And that can get overwhelming.

It’s also frustrating and agonizing and boring and a huge waste of time.

I remember one time after my daughter was born I forgot that a friend of mine was in town. It was the first time for us to catch up in about a million years.

And I TOTALLY FORGOT, YOU GUYS.  And this was a woman I really LIKED, HOW COULD I FORGET?!

So embarrassing.

Can you imagine all the other things I must have forgotten? 

I’m sure you’ve been there too. 

You have 1,001 things on your mind, so this isn’t exactly your fault!

There are certain things that are really important and we would LIKE to think that important things would stay top of mind, right? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, and we can prove that with the pile of stuff stacking up:

  • Is that social calendar that you’ve been planning to put together nagging at your conscience?
  • Are all those customer support emails responded to with efficiency and your special je ne sais quoi?
  • Is your lead generation strategy mapped out and on it’s way to implementation?
  • Did you follow up with the marketing wizard?
  • (Psst! And did you, by chance, kind of, sort of forget that summer holidays were starting as soon as they did?!)

The solution is clear… we need to organize ourselves and our lives. But, it isn’t just about checklists, although an excellent checklist-type tool is a valuable part of the process.

One tool I’ve found especially effective is Trello. (This is NOT an ad, I just find Trello THAT handy). Trello is straightforward and intuitive and NOT overly complicated. You can start with 3 categories: To Do, In Progress, and Done. When you have started a task drag it to “In Progress” and when it’s done, drag it to “Done!” You can also include due dates and notes, assign to teammates, all with drag and drop magic. Very nifty tool.

Excellent tools will get you part of the way there, but unfortunately checklists can’t solve the broader issue.

To effectively organize and be focused in your business and life, you need a few more key things:

  1. A way to stop being distracted by every shiny opportunity that crosses your path;
  2. A way to manage your perspective on your competition and what they are up to;
  3. A way to find that fire that got you into your business in the first place.

Without those things your Trello board will be BONKERS. And you’ll be drowning under the weight of 1,000s of tasks that don’t make you happier and you aren’t even sure are pointing you in the direction you want to go.  And you will be right back where you started– frustrated and endlessly distracted.

You might even forget your very dear friend is coming to town (To this day, I’m not over this. I still can’t believe I did that. Ack).

I love talking to entrepreneurs about their organization systems. So if you’re struggling with feeling disorganized, let’s get on the phone and figure out how to get you focused and present in the life you dreamed of building when you started your business. Book a call HERE.

Can’t wait to talk!

As always, thank you for erring on the side of empathy, kindness and curiosity.

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