It’s 2:00AM and you’re staring at your ceiling… again…

There is a deluge of ideas and insights and initiatives swirling around like a tornado in your mind. When you wake up, you are thinking about them. When you eat lunch (if you remember) you are mulling over them.  Rather than getting much needed sleep, you are puzzling over them, rolling them around again and [...]

guilt and taking our kids to daycare

"I get up in the morning, I take my kids to daycare and I work. It's not like I'm making a huge amount of money either, I'm not a millionaire. Somehow I feel like if I was making buckets of money that would make it better, although maybe it wouldn't. I feel guilty and I [...]

you won’t BELIEVE what I forgot

Feeling really disorganized sucks.And let’s face it... when you’re a mom and business owner, sometimes it feels like you’re a project manager managing two different staffs and having to do a lot of the work.And that can get overwhelming.It's also frustrating and agonizing and boring and a huge waste of time.I remember one time after [...]

inspired summer reading list

Summer for me calls up so many nostalgic feelings: My brother and I would spend a couple weeks with our Grandparents every year and before making the drive we would go to the library and stock up on books. I would always get more books than I could carry... preferably Sweet Valley High, naturally. I [...]