Summer for me calls up so many nostalgic feelings:

My brother and I would spend a couple weeks with our Grandparents every year and before making the drive we would go to the library and stock up on books. I would always get more books than I could carry… preferably Sweet Valley High, naturally. I sat and read for HOURS and my Grandparents generally left me to it.

Ahh summer days!

These days my book choices are a bit less Elizabeth and Jessica and a bit more “ommmm” but I’d say the level of bliss is about the same!

Here is my Inspired Reading List for those looking for titles that will make you think and help get you into your “why:”

The Surrender Experiment

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer – I love this book for entrepreneurs. I read this on the recommendation of a coach I worked with a few years ago. When he recommended it I did the unthinkable: I just bought it without Googling it. Can you imagine?!

It’s the true story of what happened when the author just let go. I won’t spoil it, but incredible things happened! Get it, get it. You won’t be sorry.

Sarah McLean

The Power of Attention by Sarah McLean – When I first came across this book I actually thought it was about advertising for some reason!

This book speaks to meditation and the concept that your attention is currency… so really I wasn’t that far off! Her story is captivating and her lessons wholly accessible.

One of the key takeaways for me from this book: It doesn’t matter if your attention wanders when you sit to meditate, what matters is that you sat down in the first place.

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru“Sadhguru is often described as a contemporary guru, since he belongs to no particular tradition and incorporates aspects of yogic sciences that are most relevant for modern-day life into his teachings and practices. His scientific methods for self-transformation have universal appeal.”

I’m not sure why or how I came across this book, but I had a powerful experience with some of the questions he posed. In one section he points out, “You are not your job. You are not your decisions. You are not your body…” Powerful and compelling!

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson – For some reason I was reticent to read this book for a long time. I think it was the title, it felt like a relationship book I guess and I couldn’t get excited about reading it.

I can assure you it is not a relationship book! Well, it is about relationships, but not in the way I first understood it would be. When Williamson speaks to a “return to love” what she means is coming to your life from love rather than fear.

Byron Katie quote

Loving What Is by Byron Katie – Do yourself a favour and Youtube Byron Katie. She calls the process she came to “The Work” and it is incredible how thoroughly it shakes up the attachment to the stories we tell ourselves!

Byron Katie’s name have come up in my reading time and again and then seemingly her name was everywhere. In her early 40s she something of an awakening – she had been in a terrible place for decades, she was an addict, not good to her kids, her partner or herself and eventually she checked herself into a halfway house for women where she had one hell of an “Aha!” moment.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think or what you would add to the list in the comments below!

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