who is telling you what to do?

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you fall into one of three camps when it comes to the way you spend your time:

  1. You feel scattered running to put out fire after fire that needs your attention; your day is unpredictable, even when you have the best of intentions to keep on track; 
  2. Or you’re paralyzed because you know you don’t have the bandwidth to do everything you need to do so you end up focusing on tasks that don’t actually move the needle;
  3. Or you feel like you are making some progress but always at the expense of some vital area of your life: your kids, your partner, yourself… and if we’re honest it’s probably all three.

“You have to be able to set boundaries, otherwise the rest of the world is telling you who you are and what you should be doing…” – Oprah

I recently heard from someone who admitted she was now consistently choosing to get less than 6 hours of sleep a night so she would have time to manage her business, keep up with her kids activities, manage house stuff, run errands and so on and so on. 

“Because I am the only one who can do it.”

High achievers can get themselves backed into a corner when it comes to prioritizing as well as setting and protecting boundaries. 

Yes, everything needs to get done (maybe… this is up for discussion!), but everything can not possibly be ranked #1 and not everything needs to be done by you.

Are you an Oprah fan? I am an Oprah fan and I love this quote: 

“You have to be able to set boundaries, otherwise the rest of the world is telling you who you are and what you should be doing…”

If you feel like you are constantly dropping the ball in one area or another you are going to appreciate this next question.

I will warn you however, this question may make you uncomfortable, it may even make you a little confused or sad. Or maybe even angry! But stick with me, it truly is a game changer.

High achievers are famous for being dependable and getting the job done. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “if you have something that needs to be done, give it to a busy person” you have probably thought more than once that this little gem was written about you. 

The thing is, merely getting through your list isn’t going to finally get you away from that feeling of being pulled in every direction. It isn’t going to grow your business, it isn’t going to help you feel like you are on top of things with your family and your life. More stuff is going to keep getting added to that list.

And deep down, if you’re really honest with yourself, don’t you already know this? 

Your incredible drive has gotten you this far, but now it’s time to ask yourself:

Is this dogged determination to “do all the things” actually a strategy to keep yourself safe and to keep you playing small? 

Are you benefiting in some way from keeping your energy focused on racing from emergency to emergency rather than setting up the systems and habits that will support the growth of your business and joy of your life? 

Is the chaos keeping you safe?

Setting boundaries around the top priorities for your business and your life means MORE effective time for the key driving factors for your business…

… and MORE quality time for the things in your life you love like your family. And yourself. 

I’m talking about saying goodbye to hopelessness and chaos.

The thing that has the single biggest impact on our lives are the choices we make for how we spend our time every single day. Not the things that we do once a week or once a year, but what we do day in and day out. 

It then comes down to the systems we put in place to help us maintain our boundaries to ensure our healthy priorities are upheld.

In this free training you’ll learn 5 strategies to cut out the chaos and realign your business to create success the way it looks for YOU (not your colleagues or that Facebook page you’ve been following or your mom or anyone else. YOU.)

Get the training now.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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