Book Clients with your Facebook Group: 5 Day Bootcamp

Learn how to book clients through your Facebook group!

(whether your group currently has 0 members or 10,000 and without paid ads!)

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Tired of not knowing where your next clients are going to come from?

So many entrepreneurs just like you struggle with the exact same problem…

What you’ll learn in the Bootcamp:

  • Building your ideal audience 
  • Growing your group quickly with engaged members
  • Creating an offer your audience responds to (and signs up for!)
  • How to sell in your group in a way that doesn’t feel gross and actually feels great!

What others say…

Meet Your Host: Shauna Stewart Douglas

I know you are really good at what you do. You have this fire in your gut to make a difference in the world. You don’t just think you can make a difference. You know you can.

In order to do that you need a simple, profit-driving plan that just feels good every second you implement it.

The problem is your zone of genius is in serving your clients, not wading through endless mind-numbing options to build your business.

You’ve tried stuff. It didn’t work. You’ve second guessed yourself more than once thinking maybe you aren’t cut out for this. Maybe you aren’t “business-y” enough. You’ve felt defeated and overwhelmed. You’ve sacrificed time with the rest of your life and been short with the people you love.

I believe the world needs more talented, capable, on-fire and profitable women serving them and complicated, time-wasting “business-y” stuff should not stand in the way of that happening. 

I care about your drive to make an impact and I understand your frustration when roadblocks stand in the way of your purpose. 

That’s why the people I work with walk away feeling like they know exactly what they need to focus on every day to grow their business.

I have successfully built communities supporting over 20,000 women and I want to help YOU use Facebook groups to get clients and grow the business you have been dreaming of. Let’s do this!

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